Saturday, August 19, 2006


its been a while since i kinda forgotten some stuff i wanted to blog..zzzz

firstly,let start by my bus station experience.. there i was waitin for my bus mindin my own business when suddenly this old fucktard approached me. our conversation went something like this,he asked my some questions, then told me bout how he slaughtered some singaporeans,ask me to shut up and do wat he says, asked me how much money,i delayed as long as possible then just when he started to demand money from me the bus attendant came down and shouted ,"lumut-teluk intan,naik bus" then i grabbed my bag and escaped....i was freaked out.....
Eventhough i heard alot of muggin cases and killin cases in wangsa maju but i never thought it will happen to me tho... The funny thing is the mugger mugged my dad's fren's son earlier so when his son recognized the mugger and saw wat is happening to me,he tried to get the cops but this is malaysia so cannot contact the cops...thanks man for tryin to help me~~ even tho at tat time i dunno u and u dunno me....~~Thank God for letting me escape ....Becareful u guys ..coz u'l never knoe wat gonna happen to us in this society tat we live in nowadays...the next time i come back,i'm drivin....

thomas doin which is a pal mine got into trouble oso. he almost got expelled for a so called cybercrime he did.he criticized a teacher in skool in his blog.Unfortunately,some pussy reported his blog to the skool so the poor guy got into trouble. He just voicin out his opinion in his blog . for tat he got into trouble...

it seems like my frens are gettin crazy over snooker nowadays..anytime they're free they'll sure go snooker...obsessed already..

i got tests and deadlines comin up in a few weeks time....damn hate this.....i knoe roughly my tests but assignments i got no idea wat to do...hmm ask annie for help...stress giler...

things i got this trip hehe:and1 shoes and some t-shirts ,courtesy of my sis.:)
some bracelet ,courtesy of mom.
car servicing,courtesy of dad.
anger and frustration,courtesy of channin. >:( *gonna kick his ass*


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