Sunday, August 06, 2006

another typical sunday~~zzzz

got forced to wake up today.....Dad want us to go to the shop..haih....i went to bed at 4.30 am la...nine wake me up d...tot goin to shop straight ma,mana tahu dad wan to eat his breakfast wor...wan go eat breakfast tell me ma~~i wake earlier...ish.....reached shop with zombie-like eyes.....sat there whole day...i made appointments with my frens la..ish..its not everyday one gang come back nowadays u knoe.....past is past la....uncle tai luk came with his wife in their new bmw 325i. fuiyo damn gaya meh..but i stil this kind of life yet,so dun even be bothered to go check it out.Dad,a vios will do just fine.. :) ...uncle tailuk,hmmm i respect him alot...good career,happy family,loving wife.....all a man could ask for...he must have worked real hard for it... i cud never get into a conversation with him...everytime i see him sure ackward silence one,then i'l start prayin my dad will come to chat with him so he doesnt get bored haha my social skills need some trainin..i cant seem to get along with ppl easily.tat is a disadvantage for me in the future.

Well me,i'm cant wait to pass my FBDO course in two years time. gotta do my assignments,then i think go outside malaysia work ba if got the chance,maybe get my degree..but one thing at a time want me to be top student wor.piff understand la sikit.i tryin my best to pass in everything,tat priority for me. with my sickness u dun pressure me...its getting worse :

ee leavin on the 16th. haih poor boy.perhaps u'l like it in china. well dao is already in US...jackson too.. kinda forgotten bout him .... the boy who went thru alot with camp partner when we were still new in church haha how's it goin boy?? heard u got taller d..haha we messed with him last time alot due to his offense ya pal..haha those were the days...i'm beginnin to sound like my grandpa.... grandpa's cool~~ too bad i din get to learn stuff from him tho..he passed away too early .....well known businessman throughout stw durin the 60s or 70s meh ..

gotta get those animes from daowen's place soon....i want new laptop but mom said use the old one~~ aiyo its too old...year 2002 le...when everything was still new....i wan use to watch anime,online and do assignments le...damn i hate the leftover stuff..the laptop was my sister's for her college days.and she got a brand new one in ireland..its my turn u knoe.....well life is always unfair....

Just trimmed my hair,shudnt let mc sees this or she'll flip with already did...damn u guys...okay la my sis want her laptop back....SEE SEE!!!told u i need myown laptop


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