Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm back!!with some issues

Back from thailand. ppl lemme tell u sumting .....some thai chicks are fuckin hot. if thailand is not so famous for its notorious sex industry then how cool would tat be..oh yea I ALMOST got to a real tiger show....we even paid for it....then the old ppl say,'aiya i see already ,ntg to see one.." so dad got refund.T_T hey , be considerate la let us the young ppl get a chance to experience these kinda of stuff la..i'm turnin 18 u knoe...the food..hmmm not wat i expected..but got petai,tomyam and all but i din like it very much..maybe coz of the surroundins ...hahah i bought two Polo shirts and a crocodile sandals and a leather bag all for rm190 nia bwahhaa for me to pikat girsl durin college presentation and next week's installation ma.. On the way fuiyo ppl i tell u one thing there very few sweet old ladies,when they gather in group and start to grumble u got urself in deep shit . the aunties so terrible ...they like got so much stuff to complain...everything have to go accordin to their one old lady she expect the bus to stop exactly where she wants but the place cannot stop the bus so she bullshit until the guide manages to shut her up.wat happen to courtesy and manner u old fucktards!! ah forget it.... so ... basically thailand got hot chicks but most of them... i dunno la the sex industry gives them a bad image.Too bad~~.tomoro have to go out kl again...zzzzz spend alot time on buses this week...but until i get my car i duwan complain la ..zzz at least i found a basketball court in kl..can pas time..if not all the time on ps2 nia..haih..


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