Saturday, August 05, 2006

my day~~and installation nite...

Woke up at one today, ready for tonite's meetin up with sis actually helpin meichan with her her jie so sweetly somemore..asskisser haha :P went for snooker with victor in the afternoon..owned the first match..but after he got some warm ups he kicked my butt back to yesterday..hmm so far life's my frens there but alot ppl so table far away cannot bullshit with them..came back pack my stuff...then ready for installation liao

i wore all black and a pink tie.courtesy of sweet mei chan.thanks~~ :) poor meichan..i think she's thinkin of dao all nite...wanna teman her but gotta go buaya a while ma...saw all the normal buaya kings..and some junior buayas ....talked to pick siu....and eve...its been a while....all say i was gay wearin a pink tie but hey guys,reality check...u guys obviously got no taste bwahahah wern loong is back too. this time he;s hangin out with us but itsbecoz andrea chan not here... anytime my brudder..anytime...ray,me and joey actually went to the opposite side of the room to get desserts...grass always greener on the other wor joey said ...i saw all of them for years back in my skool day...can actually see them changin wor...time waits for no one....haha got shhh by the rotary a couple of times...damn paiseh....alot ppl there went,even those i thought i'd never see for a long long time oso there...

the dancin part was bad tho..some ass was kisin his girl so the slow music was cancelled...but its not that nice anyways....nobody to really slow dance to..yvonne was just as bored as i am..sorry yvonne if i ruined ur nite...yo dicks in interact,when i wanted slow music where were u guys ....fuckin fags....when i' single onni put....u got a problem with me?? haha

then after the function over we wasted our time in marina wing while the rest went for snooker session again....haih drove mc's car back for her coz she forgot her ic and driver;s license....havta to go thru three police blocks just to send aileen home first....then i went to snooker to meet up with the gang but i got bored so i cabut when i met my sis in 933 and we chatted with ah peng,her funny fren. saw jonathan there and ah nam too...came home and here i am bloggin bout my day...

# .my experiment car kena batal..the fuckin owner wanna increase the price...faggot u named a price stick with it....this is how the business world works,fuckin retard....and college life..haih isnt worth big time....better fo my assignments and quickly's business gonna get tough soon....haih focuspoint and ck comin to stw...damned~~~ how to survive..gotta think of a way...must think of a way.....sis goin back to ireland soon....i think i wanna go live in europe next goin to china real soon...better for him la i see he hide at home all the time...youth is precious la ..i go china next time u bring my go jalan good food,see nice place....haha

tmoro all goin ipoh and stw gonna get no electric current from 9-7....sien sien but i aint gonna follow to ipoh coz i'm so fuckin sick of travelllin..after this time i try not to come back for a long long time....but i wanna play kl u cannot find any recent sportin wonder ppl in malaysia dyin so young...stupid government...and ppl n malaysia work so long ..from 10am to 10pm for those in malls...gila..u think they're ants izit??!! .. moral and history got assignments..i got parliament of T_T wat to write for 8 pages wor......cis wana go sleep laa tomro onni fikir...tidor dulu..


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