Monday, July 31, 2006

travellin time

woke up damn early today to catch the earliest bus to kl.bushed after reachin kl but havta attend another 3 hours of class.the fuckin government make us study fuckin moral in order to keep peace and unity.
haih...wasted my day...hopefully sis comin to kl later la.annie's not workin today.want them to celebrate with me...

none of my childhood frens can be here...hmm part of life cannot blame them
at least can see them on installation nite this sat..tat would be cool...

hmm bernard blanja me dinner just now.....nice fellow with a big mouth....but very ngam with ah kiat, my housemate..hows my pals doin..

.i need a car in this fuckin city....hopefully mom find one soon...

argh..this is borin damn noisy ...
-peace out-


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