Friday, August 04, 2006

another boring day..

this is the third week in a row i come back to my hometown.first dao's party la then the haadyai trip la then its installation nite... i ain't gonna come back so often la....eeyeerr~~sittin in the bus is gonna make me have nitemares....woke up late this morning.....haiyo sorry ashleigh my man...blame my frens for makin me sit at the mamak till 4 am...reached the bus station thirty minutes late,we stop at 7-11 to pass time,then went to kfc becoz our bus is at noon....fuckin malays work like zombies caused the whole bus station to be jammed,we got delayed 15 mins late in the end...zzzz damn those bastards

went for basketball in the loong's back,long time no gang like this...bwahhaa braggin time i steamboat alston's ball right out of the thin air..heehee braggin rights .. Z:)
almost bang dexter's kancil in vic's car..thank god it din happened.....

went koping for dinner...ate dunno wat kind of shit freakin got me an experiment car i think....hehe my modifyin guinea pig ....bwahaha exciting nya....went for dota session just now.....its just aint the same without dao....strugglin all the way...but owned the second match...heehee...


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