Friday, July 28, 2006

BUsy Busy Busy

Went to ipoh with dad,sis and her fiance today...fulamak tired meh....met the doctor who did my sis's lasik treatment. zzzzz started askin me stuff bout everything..then when i told her i use to go to church she got all pumped up and asked my dad to sponsor me to some leadership trainin. Haih~~ luckily dad din buy it ... Hmm bought some new cds.... my sis,who apparently dunno how to enjoy cool music hated them....but i played them all the way back....bwahahha who's the boss now eih..~~ later goin haadyai with family and aunt's family ....syok syok ...gonna eat good food at my mom's expense. poor me sufferin in kl....hahaha gonna ask her for lots of stuff heehee coz she say lemme celebrate my 'Special day' there wor......hmm been wonderin how my pals are,dao,giri,gerard.... well my kl gang busy havin great din think of them much la ..ok after my trip blog somemore...oh yea btw happy second postin for me... bwahahaha


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