Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Wishes~~

To Ben and JAmie,i wish u guys to live a happy and full life!!!
Ben,ur wedding was excellent...if only i was as creative as u~~~
to Jamie,u and jill always been a big bully but u're alright~~

okay a few days about them is enuf...haha now back to my own today i really drank alot~~6 or 7 glasses i cant record for me....anyways...they really got me thinkin tho...i wanna be like him when i'm 25...a somebody in town....and i din talk much throughout the whole wedding. all the pretty chicks wasted~~but whocares...haha i felt like an outcast alot...but seriously i really need an aim and put some effort in it * i heard this from soonwei long time ago*

anyways 27th of this month is my other cousin's wedding which the groom is an total idiot but who cares anyways. and anthony is goin to get married on the 20th of january next year.... lots of things to cheer about....xmas on its way, cny is also near so time is improving long i dun lose my hair ...*prayin real hard*

tomoro i'm goin out to kl again..this time i gonna drive coz i'm only out for a few days to have my oplthalmic test. Ash and jun king followin . For so long i'm in kl i din knoe jun king lived right behind small can the world get...

i'll kip u guys posted....anyways dao and ee. r u guys forgetin us? kip bloggin la. i'm sayin this becoz i got post something and u guys didnt so i got the braggin rights .

Ben.welcome to the family.Jamie,be happy always.
i;m outta here.


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