Thursday, August 31, 2006

merdeka~~!!!for them...

My optics test onwednesday din go as i planned.i had all the formulas in my head but everything i did werent goin the way they shud i hantam all and hoped for the best...all i need was 70points to make it safe nia ma..shudnt be a problem kot...

i skipped my history class after tat to go party at bintang walk....bwhahhaa glad i did tat.first of all i get to see some chinese taiwanese singers.secondly the chicks put on their best outfits for us to check them out.hahaa then we get to saw a gang fight behind sg wang ....whoa they use those can as weapons and start gangbang a poor ah beng..his head was swollen when the cops finally came....hahah dumb ass~~!!then we got a few removable paint cans and start to 'attack' those chicks....hmm overall its alright la a merdeka eve well spent.

at four am after partyin we decided to drive back to sitiawan,yeah 4 am ,me and joey. i admit it was dumb coz its so dangerous but we had to avoid the traffic jams. traffic jams is so frustratin.Somewhere after teluk intan i was sleepy and i swerved into the opposite lane and drove for quite some time .THANK GOD i din die...when i reach home i was so tired but i cudnt sleep. i keep thinkin wat if i crashed...hmm i'd never do this kinda of stuff again


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