Monday, September 18, 2006


i handed on my moral studies assignment jor...wahh it feels good...its tat time of the year again....Finals~~!!always around this year we get stressed out of our wits....

accordin to our tradition,we'd plan out some roadtrips or but in the end its all bullshit.even tho we knoe its gonna be a waste of time but we'd still do it anyways...

anyway i've been here for half a year now,college is not as much fun as the secondary skools day except for the extra freedom for nite activities....frens go their separate ways....all fulfillin our own ambitions and dreams....soon we'll be like our parents ....dunno where the heck our closest frens is and be meeting up once in a few years....

this is free bloggin,writin watever i can think of..for after deadlines' bullshit....enjoyed my weekend with joey and meichan but was hopin for more pals to come trip ba....we have plenty of time to least half a year more....if i graduate i gonna havta look for a place for my degree.....havta start all over gang,housemate,now place...who knoes wat the future holds...maybe i shall find my girl soon...God says wait.. so ..Gideon:*sittin,waitin,wishin*-jack johnson song-

This thursday suppose to go back but alone haih...but then phooihang's bday is on fri so i'm expected to stay back until fri..its gonna be nite out for the whole gang of us....but mc and joey cannot go untill late fri..zzzzz....then i ma havta waste my time lyin around my house....and head out again on mon...zzz

Desperate to go back to my hometown these few days,three weeks of tests and deadlines taking its toll on me...i need to relax...nowadays if i get to speak hockchiew it makes me feel nice~~~its way better than mandarin all the way....their mandarin and my mandarin is of different standard...i'm no banana chinese but they like to say proverbs tat sounds like confucius....hehe

I keep playing ps2 these days,i werent so crazy about them in the past but now its seems like tats the only thing to do around here....ps2,paperwork,class,com tennis court,decent basketball court or even a plain field..poor me livin in these environments.joey got tennis court,ash got basketball court,tarc college got lala chicks and nice basketball court...oh yea speakin of tarc,wilson's buayaness got himself into deep shit this time..hahha my classmate and my gang member,michelle got into a chat with him and now she's askin me about wilson.if u're wonderin how michelle look like just ask joey....joey met michelle before..the short girl with the short orange hair...heheh 'lucky u willy'!!

hmm lets see,there's a gambling session downstair,movies downstairs and gameboy up here and internet come i'm like havin so much fun stuff to do but yet i feel like i'm all empty.. haih so i;m lookin forward to another outing heehee.this time i wan it to be with lots of ppl...haha its be cool... call mai the tarc gang but it seems nowadays the tarc gang too busy for us..haih...u bunch of monkeys..son of a papaya...

No more useless toughts in my stay cool and have a nice matter in US or CHINA,God bless u all..~~!! ^^


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