Friday, November 03, 2006

Moment of silence~~

so how yall doin??i just finished my year one practicals exam. the Brits have a nice accent and pleasant mood all the time. but the fucked up thing is i got the oldest and grumpiest old hag to be my viva examiner. wth!! i was sked out of my wits...and he keep raisin his eyebrows whenever i gave him my answers.. then i kip changin answers..T_T before the exam i memorize everything i need but face to face with this guy,it is as if all those study sessions are like dota sessions . useless and meaninless. ISH..Hopefully i pass la.

I just came back from jamie's place. izzit me or everybody looks at me one kind? i saw pick siu and eve there tho. We din talk much.just sat there like dungu nia. i felt So so they were smsin there. i sat there hopin something would happen like earth quake or something exciting to happen. christy was there. i din knoe she and annie so close tho. then wendy kip sayin u want beer u want beer..she wanted it and she kept persuadin me to get one.ish girls~~ *shakin head*So instead of stayin there walkin around i cabut back.Relieved but now i'm all bored and lonely. i hate my life..


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