Saturday, September 02, 2006


just when i thought my lepakin days outside doin stupid stuff were over,ash,joey and me did dumb stuff again haha...we started the nite by visitin our dearest teacher pn ding.poor pn ding,she knocked her head fallin down in her toilet.8 stitches to the back of her head.thank goodness she's allright..then we headed to my place and chatted a while then went to the place i hate the most tat is 933 which is filthy disgustin and smelly but they wanted to go there anyway so i just tag along la.we had a nice little chat then i joined joey and ash in the snooker area.hahah i owned them. *YAWNS*

After tat we decided to go check out the racers or aka mat rempits,haih police everywhere nothing to see sowe head down to the bridge.On the way we used ash's phone to capture his speedometer to see if his car can hit 100km/h in 15 seconds hahah the car took 20seconds to reach 100 and tat oso drag all the way haha ash,time to invest on a new engine.heehee need suggestions ask from me. then we round the whole stw then we decided to pump some gas and head into astaka field for some driftin action. haha each of us tried our hands at driftin but haih wtd we arent pros. i was worried i will damage the car tho.haha then we head over to my house and tried on joey's bike some more. we went to the open space in front the church and tried doin burnouts. i got a little bit,then joey tried . and we got all tat on video.heheh ask from ash.

Lepas tu,kita pun bersurai la sebab kita perlu pandu pegi kl esok.hmm tonite din see mc . poor mc, dao and ee not here she cannot mix in with the rest of the group. alyse dunno for wat reason got grounded. cheng haw no transport,yoke kooi grounded,chye huat wan to pcc so he dun wan to come out. So tonite it was me,julian,sweemeng,ash,joey,joane,bernice,chui king who did lepak. ok guys see u the next time i come back. peace!!cheers!!


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