Tuesday, October 24, 2006


If i'm an elf,i'll be called,'Tarthar Narmolanya'
If i'm a hobbit,i'll be known as,'Posco Deepdelver of Brockenborings'<<--i go 'deep' if u knoe wat i mean" :P

Its rainin outside.And its deepavali.How come every deepavali season is always plagued withrain??

Went out with my old pal Giri last nite. Hell i missed him. We used to sit nearby together back in skool and had been classmates for a few years. And he got caught when he told us he won 800 bucks durin deepavali and somehow meichan made him belanja us a Capri meal.Poor boy.After we met up with our original gang which consist of Ben,Vic,Dex,Helena,Bernice,Houwen and lots more la diu.. most are our from our skool days.However we found tat we werent really having conversations with them so i was feelin awkward and talkin to giri and sm on the other side...sorry ya if u find tat move offensive..But i found out tat alyse almost crashed during go cart..hehehe she lost her braggin rights hehe

I'm supposed to be out for beer with soonwei and jonathan today but it got cancelled last minute.Darn!! i was lookin forward to it somemore.. couple of buddies and a few bottles of heinekens or carlsberg tat'll b swell...SO instead of havin another outing here i am bloggin alone at home...

My aunt din come back this holiday,must be on a holiday...This aunt is a very strong lady.i mean strong as in her will power and all la. Not xena warrior WACHA!!-type strong.tell u her story la since i got ntg to do now....Once upon a time a young lady fell in love with an indian guy.But her dad disapproves when they decided to get married.But she insists on the marriage.So her dad uses the old trick which is ,'if u marry tat guy,then get out of my house and dun call me father ever again!!" She chose to follow her man finally becoz somehow she knoes he's the right one for him. So she and her father din not talk again for the next 15 years.The poor girl must be devastated but she chose wat she wanted in life and she stood tall and proud.

One day,her husband went to genting to meet a client of his business or something,when suddenly a landslide happened,he was on the lower part of the hill so he went to try helpin the some victims when suddenly the a tree came down. He went into coma for 7 years.the girl took care of the guy she loved for seven years when he died of some brain fluid clogging.Durin the funeral,her dad came and they hugged and din say anything. Action louder than words. I always believed in tat. Buy who can blame the father,back in those days interracials marriage is not something to be proud of...but then again my aunt believed tat love is blind.

I need change in life.u knoe why???everything i do is becoming like a ritual.i dun wan tat. I wan to wake up everyday and ask myself wat will i discover today and wat i will acheive today...at least a goal other tat studies..TIME HEALS ALL THINGS.so be it.i'll wait.

Tomoro i'm leavin for kl at 4am.dun ask me but this is the mingshu;s idea.i guess he is tryin to avoid the traffic. And most of us will be having classes at 12 pm.So basically i think i';ll be very tired and tat time. I'm havin my pre-exam lecture by my british lecture this 30th and the practicals exam on 2nd of november.I"m nervous out of my wits here. Wat if i forgets some important points??Wat if my brain went dead on tat time???arghh In case u were wondering,my practicals exam is where the lecturer come from england and interviews u and ask u to perform some basic prescribin and determinin wat lens to correct visions with different scenarios and factors determining the safety lens to use.

My housemate,Peter told me he'll take to one big church in Cheras.yeah..i hate hangin out at malls and at my ex housemates house all the time. this will denifitely be a good chance for me to meet more ppl. So until then adios...and gracias~~!!


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