Sunday, September 17, 2006

Back By Popular Demand!!

its been a while since i last updated my blog...mainly becoz i cant get a chance to use a computer at my fren'S place.

first of all,i would like to wish all my brudders a very happy birthdays...cant celebrate with u all this year but nevermind the chance will some.....bear with me..hehe sweemeng next week i'll be blanja u breakfast lo....haha

so how am i doin these few weeks, hmmm my optics get 95..bwahahaha thanks to my hardwork and dedication.but mostly my lecturer gimme tips one la hahha my project is due on monday so i just havta finish the cover and the contents page later.we just havta to do a 8-15 page report but i found out tat my fren chew did a 70 page hiphiphooray for our local boy to make it big as a number1 student.

Gonna go back a change my car soon..heehee if there is still a car left for me to change..goin back alone thistime coz i cant wait for joey who is havin his class till late friday.

wenbt to midvalley with joey and meichan on sat. At first we decided to meet at 10.30am but u knoe me...tats is like askin a tiger to eat i changed the plan and decided to meet at 2 instead.we reached mid at about two and damn it we circled the car park for God knoes how long .when we went in its 3.15. wth!!~~ so we meet up with our very own aunt fei2 or aka meichan. went to sushi king for lunch. i keep pretendin to look at the sushi bar but i was really look at some kl girls. oh yea too much wasabi aint cool....faggot joey....then we walked around lookin for stuff joey promised to buy for shinmei. he and shinmei ever so lovin and caring about one another. From our point of view he may look and sound like scoldin shinmei but in reality tats the way they show their love for one another.. for those who seen joey talk with shinmei, u knoe wat i mean..heehee we decided to eat at nando's before headin to gsc.

Attention pls.if u ever go watch a movie dun let mc choose,she sucks in choosin movie.she chose the banquet which is boring and lame.Movie producers very smart nowadays, if the storyline aint good,get a high profile actress with stunning beauty,tat'll grab attention. Zhang Ziyi is super hot btw. for those who wanna watch this movie ,ignore all the dying part.just concentrate on;ll make ur movie experience worth it. after tat we decided to split . Findin our car is a problem. then goin back is also a problem. KL aint cool..

Mom's sick for two weeks now.=( pray tat she gets well soon. hell my college is so dumb. in nov i havta com on 4th for a exam then 27th for another exam . y cudnt they put it in the same week. My parents are goin to S.korea on the 27th.if they put it on startin of the month then i can tag along ma .diu them sifut...

ok la havta get back to my assignments.cheers!!and have a good day.


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