Tuesday, September 05, 2006

meanin in life~~

two days ago,me,ash and joey came out to kl together.hahah its was better tat way at least got company ma..but our timing was terrible.everybody was returnin to kl after the merdeka break so practically the highway was full with cars.we had a couple of jams where we came to a complete stop.right in the middle of the highway.how sick was tat,three lanes and all and we still got traffic jam.we reach in the evening after 4 hours in the car. we stopped at sg buloh for kfc then we continue our journey.ash drove after that.haha we were bettin our luck with every turn in search for ash's place. his place is cool tho,lots of students and joey's place is oso nice,very homely.everybody is havin a better college life than me.Me and my fucked up place.haih life is like tat,make ur choice and no turnin back. so my goal is to complete this FBDO course in two years time and head out of Malaysia. maybe go to my sis's place in europe.hehhe tat'll be cool..

I told Ash i'll be at his place if i'm free and we'd go clubbin in bangsar...hahah everybody agreed so lookin forward to it. i havin my tests and deadlines all this month so wait first la . last nite durin my class ash and joey totally ruined it. There i was mindin my own business,pumped to pay attention and suddenly they sms and told me to go asia cafe.yo fuck u guys!!!haha .l. the bad thing about my place is there is no cool hangouts,no chicks,no cool church like city harvest, and worse of all i'm stuck here with none of my homies,except ryan chew who is like an aquintance to me nia...i hate my life...

Sometimes i think to myself,wat if u die in ur sleep,would u be regretful with how u spent ur life....?? i think nothing gua coz perhaps death is like a great big adventure .... Christians dun fear death.......heheh i din go to any churches for a long long time d lo....alamak....

went to Sedaya area with annie and kai2 for our lunch.haiyo becoz no parkin we had to eat at some unknown noname cafe.i order seafood delight but guess wat they gave me...two small shrimps and two piece of thin fish cake cooked in wantanhor type gravy. terrible.....and the atmosphere there is horrible.No chattin mode no nothing..haiya close it down la..then annie had to teman my hometown girl kristy yeoh to some modellin audition in klcc. They got those long slender legs.So u go girls!!haha but i doubt they'll be chosen hahah so shoot me...after tat i went jusco to buy some stuff to stock up at my house.

wat am i doin here bloggin...i got deadlines to finish.and hor the person me is playin some horrible songs.yucks listen till wan muntah d ....all lee home and guan liang. *sob* i shudnt be here.God...~~ why...???peace out~~ cheers !!


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