Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shady`s back~~!!

yosh~~!!shady's back,tell a fren..nanannanana hehhee back in stw this time with mingshu and gang...btw yonghuat is a very boring driver..slow~~~zzzz anyways its been a long long time i;ve blogged becoz ntg to do ma..hehe i passed my morals and malaysian studies btw .l. hehe see...these subs cant trouble me even in college..hah!! okay lets get to the hot issues in malaysia right now:

Haze:this thing had been botherin us since 1997 i think and indonesia cant even be bothered to prevent it be4 it happens?? prevention is better than cure.take note. no point discussin how to settle this problem when its already distubin us..kanasai...apalah~~

Deeparaya:haha Giri will like this.....i think some time back when i wished him deeparaya he shh-ed me..haha i think the papers writing something bout some retard sayin tat the muslims cant wish their indian frens happy deepavali becoz its against the law or something haha then then tat nut said sorry with email..haha how low can u sorry....sms la better la no balls to face the music for wat mistakes he made hehe

traffic jams:to those who is drivin back this weekend or anytime within this festive season pls be careful coz accidents rates are very high this time of the year...i wanna see u guys get old~~haha

youthquake:i dunno if anyone goin but i dunwan to ppl think i join it.....but i got some guys to join . chew,ash,dingwy,yonghuat's gang may be interested oso,i wonder if more is goin.hopefully....

nick lachey:i cant help it but hey guys listen.. this guy ah seriously..just becoz he divorced a wife tat have a man's face doesnt mean he can so pathetic about it. makin a career out of it.. i cant hate u anymore~~ and wats left of it~~my ass....get over it dao said,`be a man!!' .l. even flyguy and phat fabes said it on radio this mornin when i was preparin for college haha loser nick...but furtado rocks~~maneater!!>_<*growls*haha!! amen to tat


to those anonymous incompetent bozzos,the first thing to do when u suffer from erectile go get viagra problem find my buddy meichan.she'll even supply u with enuf viagra for u to be 'standin' as long as u like.second thing is why the heck u still trouble by tat,go hang urself la.think of the innocent girls who waits for the right one till u come along and spoil their miserable dreams...better spare them the torture...

for further enquiries,pls put ur enquiries with ur name or nicks and not anonymous on my chatter box.. .l. to anonymous


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