Saturday, August 26, 2006

Time Flies~~~

ok lets start from wed. i finished my class at 8 then had my sis,victor and mingshu come fetch me.then she asked me to drive her to petaling street.i was bettin my luck with each turn on the highway hahaha the unbelievable thing is i manage to reach the damn place.thank God for tat.we hung out at that market place until midnite then its time to go home.Decided to go yamcha and snooker after reachin my place.damn me and mingshu got bullied by victor in snooker.LUCK~~ piff..

Thu. woke up at 11.45.and my class is at noon. So practically i went to skool without bath and breakfast~~ hahaha poor chin who was sitting beside me. so at 2 i went home and went to timesquare. walked around for hours without buyin anything...tat sucked~~!! the terrible thing was the couples in timesquare so intimate for fuck~~ takut ur couple cabut meh! CIS!!!!.l.
then we were joined by kenny ling,ling yong huat,kwongwei . we decided to go Bintang Walk for food...then we went neway and sing till 4am ahaha they endured my singin for that long hahaha

woke up the other day to see my parents at my door.wah~~i clear up my room while my sis open the door.the cleanin effort in vain coz my mom still nagged bout my messiness anyways~~ -.- the i decided to try bringin them to 1U wtf i was caught in traffic jam for 45mins and then mis the turnin and end up in midvalley. they were furious but heheh rookie here..cant blame me. then comes the torturin part.The sendin of them to KLIA. it was a long drive. mingshu followed my car . in KLIA we kept taking pics then they boarded the plane. so ming and i drove back. my little car can actually reach 140 km/hour. Its a kenari mind u hahaha we reached home fellin weird as it is actually quiet at we decided to play ps and annie came .i learned something bout annie last nite but its a secret >:)

i woke up,had lunch and sent mingshu off to the LRT station.i reach home feelin all lonely and all...POOR me!!~~~ watched movie and rotted in my room until peter came back.then we had dinner and here i am in the cc, waitin for my frens to come dota and bloggin away..miss everybody in stw...and times back in the skoolin days.i never had to feel lonely.....haih i'm mr lonely.


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