Saturday, November 03, 2007

Its About Time...~~

So,how are yall doin? I heard sin yuin;s gonna be on connetto love perhaps this season. chick from sitiawan made it. Ash's gonna start his internship. I'l be finishin my stupid course. I'll be facing them ugly londoners this tuesday. wish me luck. wats else is new? My sister's gonna be in malaysia 6th of dec. Gotta watch out for tat. I'll be hunting for jobs soon. After january maybe. HEHE my internship. OH yeah. I'll be moving from my rm172 master bedroom with two roommates to a rm280*(still negotiating) master bedroom all for my self. bwaahaha..privacy at last. How cool is tat?
Went to MV to do some last minute shopping for my finals presentation today. I bumped into someone rather big. Or she;s gettin bigger. According to alex lee lah. With the evergreen miss Woo . Just plain weird bumpin into they all like tat. Felt so formal.
Hmm,so many choices to make.Adulthood sucks iniit? but look at the bright side. ....I'm turnin 20T_T. how bright can tat be? anyways,wat company shud i go look for job in? Optical 88 from hk? Paris miki From japan? Focus blergh from msia?
heard from cheng haw the form 6 fellas are so torn apart there's no more gang left. Wat the point of goin back anymore? guys pls be more matured. I knoe i got a fair few good frens back there. Mom said i could go ireland and survey the area out next year. Hehe mom,i knoe u want to go there to see how sis is living her life? Dun use me as alasan.
Today my kl gang argued with their neighbour over parking spaces. We rushed to their aid. I ended up feelin so gangster like coz its 12 guys and one rude canto flingin middle aged man. wtf man. u parked at our place. y u so angry when we asked the guard to clamp? more civilised.
So basically i think i'l spend 2008 or most of it in malaysia anyways. I'l get my working exp and go kick irish;s asses. Or i'l just do degree here in msia. Anyways its all still under consideration. no worries.
Thinkin about working and facing the boss if i made a mistake. It strikes fear in me. Very bad u might say,i knoe,i'm trying to change. So far so good. Adults and ppl alike here are cool with me. Means i'm not irresponsible or rude or anything. I just dun talk much. Or talk anything tat mean much? haha Sometimes i pity those who are outcasted by the society or rather a community. some outcasts are just being nice but annoying. Some are asses who deserve to be bitch slapped. Blubber...blubber blubber..haha
I got loads of photos tat might be interesting.I got this video which i cant seem to upload. the video is about cheras gettin flooded. Up to my knee level mind u. I cant stop laughin when i see impatient ppl tryin to drag their car pass the flooded area and end up comin out to psh their car...bahahahhaha...stupeed~~~ Gonna upload it soon la..

TTFN. (incase u dun knoe,its Ta TA For Now) hehe peace!!


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