Wednesday, August 29, 2007


gideon feels bored.
coz gideon got finals coming soon.
gideon watched simpsons on dvd last nite.
homer haha was so funny.
gideon wants to go back to stw.
but he couldnt coz he got this real hectic schedule goin on.
gideon is wondering how are things goin for the rest of the gang
coz its been a while,so guys,where all those keep in touch thingy went?
gideon went to play basketball the other day in some unknown housing area near cheras,
almost got into fight with them coz they said we simply call the rules.they started it..
gideon thinks ester ling sin yee is one girl who eats too much...
coz she cant fit in her bikini..muahahahha
gideon have been having trouble sleepin at night
damn it becoz stupid peter chewin on his teeth ..ass
gideon watched ratatouille
haha god it was nice...
gideon learnt freestyle and frog style swimming in two months.
but i cant go real fast.. -.-
gideon is supposed to blog about alot of stuff.
but whenever he log into his blogger account..his brain switch off.
so hakuna matata....



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