Friday, August 31, 2007


merdeka!!i travel 1 and half hours to the curve to join the celebrations.No its not the semangat cintakan negara tat drives me to do tat.its rather the after party and liquor tat drives us there. :) i didnt get to snap any picture.all thanks to my state-of-the-art vga camera which cant take a decent picture. i'll wait for that 5.0 mp k850i comin out soon to a town near u. we fuckin waited for three hours just to get seats in 'The Laundry" , when we finally got to sit, we were informed there;s only beers availble. -.- takpe..we took it.after tat we were finally enjoying ourselves.
I was fittin in well coz most of the gang i;m actually meeting them for the first time. Lin Wei and Cher ling..nicest girl i ever met. not to mention darsini,altho she did get pissed after goin round 1u twice due to some navigation problem. On the way back,giri was hopeless.he slept as soon we started the journey,cher ling also. Me being the nicest among the lot had to teman dars all the way back.
I left early the next day.Lrt was packed. damn i became sardine. came back exhausted. Slept till 7.30 pm. So, here i am bloggin at 5am. fuckin fucked up timetable.



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