Sunday, August 05, 2007


Its been one hell of a week.First and foremost i wanna thank everybody who remembered my birthday.u guys are the best~~Alright,first i wanna announce the return of Jackson this coming 10th of august.Beware ladies..jangan main main.Then Daowen leaving in the 11th of august.(-.-")u two go problems with each other izit??
So i'm back in stw again.I purposely made the trip for pangkor trip.turns out a few key players couldnt make it back. KInda dissappointin trip this time.Aih we're getting too old for this i think. Raymond keep talkin about his direct selling thing to me.joanne and hoon wah,loving like usual. Ee chng,chinaman dun like the beach so kena taunted by the guys. Mc and Dao,two fat asses enjoying themselves. Houwen,basiccally smsed the whole trip. Heman did crazy stuff all the time.Sweemeng changed into a more outgoin person already.Chye huat,sir Knoe it all is a pain in the ass,as usual. Tee yan,the shorty kena bullied in the water all the time. Gerard kip splattin himself on the water face down.DFA~ Hmm lastly julian,didnt make any noise oso..except being pawned by me in MARIOKART..wuhahahhaa
Last nite got this steamboat thing goin on in dao;s place.Thanks dude.Great party~! Nice food, saw lots of old familiar faces there.Not bad not bad,except the part where i let it riiippppp~~haha end of rippin discussion.Stayed there till 3am,I teamed with seed,px,tiaso and darkrose in dota.Mana tahu later kena owned. Lousy teammates. heehee...
Woke up early today,just to find out my mom had to go to ipoh with my aunt.Sien.wake up for nothing. So i sang karaoke with channin whole afternoon. All those indon maid keep laughin while ironing the clothes..cilaka..haha practically did nothing else after tat. Bad mood for me. Sis bad mood i go cucuk with stick kena diao..then diao bad and spoilt each other;s mood. Thank goodness she's so far away. If not she kena liao...haaha kidding kidding..
For my birthday,i got birthday wishes from many ppl whom i had not talked to in years..thanks guys.My eldest sister in jb called and talked to me for an hour.I even got a gift from my designer cousin,nikka.Hehe even eve and keng ming wished. Syiok giler tat feelin.Thanks alot:) tat nite my kl gang and i went to maison, they asked me to drink one shot with each of them. So alex,phooihang,bernard,limsen,kai kai, chin,oscar,ewen,mic,jane,yeelee and meizi,u do the math...i puked so hard tat nite,but i also got this new found courage to pick up chicks to dance with me.SO i basically dance with every hot girl one the dance floor.I even asked for a birthday kiss,which they all responded rather passionately :) There;s one girl with even gave me a hug. hehe Life;s all good duncha think? :)
My birthday both the chinese lunar one and the normal gregorian calendar falls together this year. Which coincidently falls on the Guan Yin Ma's birthday. Will it bring me good luck for the rest of the year?i sure hope so. Never really believed this fengshui thingy. But i thank God i made it to my 19th birthday.
Rock music have always been associated with the devil.So reviewed all the songs i listen often nowadays.Metallica,eagles and acdc all got connection with this y my temper tat bad? Aih forget it. EXIT LIGHT~~~ENTER NIGHT~~~~



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