Friday, September 14, 2007

Deja Vu

Holla guys..been having a blast since my last post..not to mention a few bumps in my life too..but i survived...*sings I Would Survive* i went clubbin again last nite..its was fun...but the gang of lalas which alex brought werent tat cool..kinda roughen up my nite a little ..but in the end i went to my gang with limsen...stuffs happend and boy i was glad i went to the other gang..ahh..damn it...dunno whether being single is a bad thing or a good thing..coz i'm goin out of control..haha
hey fellas,heard of a thing called deja vu? i've been havin this deja vu thing happenin to me very often lately..i knoe stuff ppl gonna say coz i remember dreamin about that particular scene..the other day i went to movies with my frenss..watched some korean horror flick "roommates' damn i kinda knew the girl was goin to commit suicide..
oh yea happy birthday to sm,dao,and wilson . wish u guys all the best... ester;s comin next week..grandma..i've never met u before...kinda scared i'll freeze up and be courteous haha ..
Everybody went back this week...damn sien..whenever i choose to stay,they all leave..dunno wats their problem...
oh yea i went karaoke-ing with my frens..haha damn nice...if i recorded tat and post it on youtube..we'll probably be more popular than those idol rejects..ahaha I'll have those pictures posted some time on Pictures
I miss my home..becoz of the little things i took for strong water pressure,unlimited amount of food in the kitchen..i'm so sick of goin to kitchen findin it in a mess..with no food...even drinks oso havta boil on my own...Channin;s is so gonna suffer when he comes to college..heeehee i can imagine him standin there goin,'' do i boil water?i cant fry eggs..wat do i do? '' then he runs around shoutin after gettin a drop of hot oil land on his arm..haha toufu...



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