Monday, October 01, 2007


As stated in my title,i got a sleeping problem. Many of u might say,'aiya its gideon la.his problem is he just cant wake up on time for something.' But seriously,i got this weird sleepin pattern. First,i cant get into the sleepin state so easily at night. when i usually get to sleep,haha i got this hard-to-get-out-of-bed sickness. okay this is all bullshit.
I wanna say tat i lied down on my bed at 1am last nite.Guess wat? i didnt get into any sleep at all. every single time i check the clock,4am,6am,7am, wat the spirit is strong by the flesh is weak. my eyes are droopy but but my brain still working full time. Ppl told me,just close ur eyes and relax.Then my hearing became sharp as hell. Little things like the air cond humming, water drippin in the toilet,roommate chewing his teeth while another breathes like he's on life support , even the motor exhaust buzzing at the guardhouse of my villa laman tasik i can hear perfectly. Argh the pain it caused me. Goin to classes zombie-like. and my neck is so stiff.
So far,i;ve tried counting sheeps,bullshit. Staring at the ceiling, nonsense. REadin a book.didnt make me sleepy also. maybe coz i choose to read some fma-kind mag gua. the lamest thing i;ve tried,drinkin milk. haha i end up finish the whole carlton of milk. then i started to mengada-gada. Do push ups la, read my anatomy notes, playin lousy music on peter;s guitar.I laugh at my singin. coz i tried to sing high-by james blunt. haha it was really high and i sounded like a squirrel got hit by a bike slowly. then by 7 am, i rather not sleep already and bath and came to college one hour early.
Conclusion:i'm gonna try not to fall asleep during class and after tat too so i can switch my body time back to normal. WIsh me luck.



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