Sunday, September 16, 2007

We are the future..

'You are born to live,not living because u are born'
'Don't go the way life takes u,take the life the way u go"
'If u want somethin u never had,do something u have never done'

The three phrases up there i got it from my email. Pretty meaningful don't u think? i think its a loadful of crap. So far,life have always been about making money to me. Faking smiles to ppl u dun like. Y? its all business. U gotta be pro wor. Study to do wat? To earn a stable and high salary. Sometimes,i wonder where are we goin with our life? My mom says i;m an eccentric. I do think so myself. Anyways, i envy those who dare to throw everything down on the line and go ahead and does wat they want in their life. No playin it safe. Just go ahead. die die lah. where am i goin with this post. i lost track of wat i wanna say d.

'this is a story of a girl,who cried a river and drowned the whole world...'
i hate a certain aspects of my life..i really do.

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Blogger m5lvin said...

How true when plebeians simply lack of courages to face their own inner voices..

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aspects like what in ur life do u hate? come on giddy, update. ppl are reading ok? y u having inferiority complex? haha it's so not u

5:39 AM  

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