Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Off i go~~

Time seems to fly when u;re enjoying ur time.Soon i';ll be back at college or institute or watever its called..piff I really cant be slackin off anymore since its the final sem.All i have to do is nail it this time and i;m out.Ahhh..Better work at it,gideon...ehem..granny,i wont be chattin with u tat often soon so better dun go kill ur gay collegue or foot-lookin bitches. We;ll get drunk together soon enough.
Hey i just thought of something.U knoe the chinese have always been associated with smaller 'guns' or slow sex drive.But if u think about it,chinese man may have smaller parts than our african or white brothers but look at our world population.Hehe our ancestors probably got bored and stop fuckin tat much.So after 2000 years we evolved. hehe Its just my thought though..haha
Ever wondered wat life might have been if chinese didnt migrate here,man...we;ll all be farmers in FuChow Province,China.Wouldnt want to happen,i'll be a sucky farmer. Not tat i have anything against the farmers tho. I just dun like diggin soil under the sun tats all.
Yawns..good nite yall



Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha... we have been chatting for so many months ya? lolx. fyi, gay boy is leaving end of this month and a cute Eurasian has joined our team. huhu~ tak tau dia single lagi atau ape? *hehe*

eh, u better focus on ur studies ya! else dun ever think of coming to Spore nor going to shanghai!

yaya, talking abt getting drunk. tis afternoon i took a can of Tiger Classic mana tau after tat i feel siao siao. haha.... my liver got rusty oledi. long time nv add 4WD.

hehe, well, hope to catch up with u soon! spend sometime in our AGM rather than online gaming ya?!

all the best dude!


8:04 AM  

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