Wednesday, July 11, 2007

talkin to myself..

hello,mom just came in and said something about minding my language.Turns out she saw me using the fuck word on msn.Shit,tat's sure something to be careful with,the police might sumbat me in the jail or something.-.-" wat the hell!
I just played finish playing badminton with the not satisfying.Not competitive enough.we were all just listenin to Mike the white kiwi talk all day along.
Its been a long long holiday.I;ve forgotten all my formulas,i did not learn any new stuff,kept doin the same process all over and over again in my shop.I"m growin to hate my job.EVEN before i graduate.wat the hell..u can guess how frustrated i am these few weeks...and the people around me kip askin me to do really tought decisions like in *snap finger* just like tat,'Gideon,yes or no.can u make it?how are we gonna do it,gideon?do u want it?make ur choices? argh...leave me alone.....the girl i;ve been hittin on turns out to be not so to compatible to me..aiyo..i planned to go to kl on wednesday and finish up my assignments with my frens then head back.Mana tahu mom got her ladies thing goin on and kip comin at me with one of her mood swings and dad wanted to go to china on monday which is really bad timing voz my classmates are all in kl for the week and i just wanna finish up things there.then wednesday came and i didnt realise it coz anna and adam,which are giri;s fren from uk came back and hung out with us for a few nites and the other nite we got so drunk so many things happened and now i;m still in stw....argh...



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