Sunday, November 19, 2006

the most wicked outing ever~~!!

okay lets start from my mornin.i went to check out my cousin turbo vr4-powered car in tze wei's car factory. then i decided to go testdrive. my goodness.with the 2nd gear i can go up to 120km/h with just 6000rpm. When the turbo is on,its like a flight take off coz u be pushed back into ur seat.I managed to reach 180 with just into the 4th gear and the road ended. Then i tried to 1.6mivec. its not as fast in acceration as in te vr4 but its still damn power meh.can pull up to 8000rpms. fuiyo wicked cars.. but its their both wiras. So tats kinda a big letdown . If they're Evo's or Galant's tat will be perfect. Last time when i havent got my license yet ,they have skyline gt-r33s and honda huge vtecs lined up there . damned~~

after my lunch,i practically rotted in my room listenin to rock music. my brother who came into my room said i was crazy and i'm disturbin the peace . bahh he knoes nothing about good music. listen to jay chou..piff get a life...after waitin an entire afternoon its finally time to shoot hoops but it rained a while and the court is wet. ZzZZZ
late evening,i went to diana's place to celebrate her first born baby's 3rd or 4th birthday. I liked their potato salads. yummy~~ then i head home and waited for ash's call ,mana tahu i threw my phone upstairs and watch tv downstairs. sweemeng screwed me after he call 7 times on my cellphones. sorry brudder.So we did the normal stuff ,had a couple of drinks in 933 and then head to deluxe. I owned them. poor kids. hehe

Then i went to car and discovered it cant start .wtf.. i worried lo. we tried to jumpstart but its not workin. Thanks my jb uncle teng siu was around there. his prado practically saved me. Thanks man. And a very big thanks to my brudders , Giri,Gerard,Ash,Sweemeng,Houwen and Cheng Haw. They helped push my car. And i think cheng haw got into trouble for goin home late. Coz his bro came drivin past us starin at us. And my dad is so cool with me almost wreckin the car electronic or battery or watever . HE reach home and said,"sleep early" and went to his bed. I thought i was in for a seminar. So.. many thanks to all my brudders and uncle tengsiu and his family for helpin me out.God bless u and goodnite. I can go on thankin u guys but i gotta drive to kl tomro so i have to call it a nite. See u guys on xmas and maybe sometimes in kl . I will come to asian cafe and own u guys in pool soon.beware!!


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