Friday, November 17, 2006

i feel so guilty~~

today i saw a bunch of birds near my swing.i mean they were around on the ground tryin to cover something.i went over and ehem i threw a slipper at them to halau them...but it turns out they were tryin to protect their comrade.becoz theres this one bird tat didnt flew but jump around.i can see the left wing in a awkward position.its goin the other way around in the middle. i tried to grab it but even tho the stupid bird is injured but they still jump around pretty fast.i thought to myself,'bahh,dun waste my time.besides i cant cure u oso.'' with tat thought i left for basketball.when i come back the bird;s i went to my back alley to see if the bird jumped out of my house d onot. i think i saw the bird in some cat's mouth in my aunt garden. i din try to look real hard coz if the cat tore open the bird tat will make me lose my appetite for diner later. But i still feel guilty coz i shud have put the bird in some box and give to the old man tat keeps pigeons. FOr example,my uncle opposite my house. And i let the poor thing who cant defend themselves get eaten by a cat. T_T sorry, stupid bird..



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