Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Beaten and FOrgotten~~

My blog got ntg to with the title haha.So,how u guys been~~?? time is passin so rather quickly.I'm in my second year already.Yeah Thank u God for me still being single this time around. haha SO this time i am back in stw,i cant blog in kl as the connection there sucks~~ yea i heard ash and joey moved into a condo , throw a house warmin party man~~ haha Cny is around the corner..this year i'm gonna wish my uncles and auntie,'gong xi fa cai,nian nian you yu" haha everyyear got fish if u translate it directly. Well i'm lookin forward to meetin familiar faces this year.which reminds me of something..i havent get my cny clothes yet..i dun really mind wat i wear oso but wendy and my jie will say y u so sh pek one~~..ish pressure~~

Last nite i had a great time at chye huat's place..seriously i have never ate so much balls at one go in my life..haha and the expanded balls doesnt help either..haha When i reached home,i suddenly remember i din take any beers tat nite...wasted~~~for more info and pics of our nite out,check out my buddy jmin's blog :
he got pics and details about the trip.

so this time i came back to meet up with my frens.checked~
see the dentist and pass by grandma's house.checked~
so tomro i'll just havta cut my hair and concentrate on relievin my stress coz trust me, KL isnt all play and all..But i;ll be back soon for cny break which will start from 14th to the 28th. yippee~~!!

Music for the soul:check out james morrison,corrine bailey rae,norah jones and some other ppl.
concerts comin soon:muse,leehom zzz
classic rock song of the month:smoke on the water,by deep purple.

The grammy's comin soon too...check it out on starworld soon.


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