Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pictures GAlore~~

this is beach club in kl.Found this pic and posted it up so u guys can compare it with other clubs next time.
Angels and demons.....some girl and ruth in wesley's musical for 2006. haha ruth IS scary~~
De Continentals and stw wesley's very own anak anak muda
and another one...they keep comin, dun they? hehe
Members of the continentals.i dun have their names sorry..but those chicks are way older than me..tats for sure..
One of them continentals old folk...look like a bee,sting like a flower...she's a nice fella with scary look..
haha pretty lil daniella.....i'm sure she'll grow up to be a full blooming angel..she;s nine btw
Wicked~~!!haha tats all i can say...notice Emma Watson in the left??haha at least ash said she look like Emma.. how do i knoe~~
My Personal FAvourite~~MONIQUE~~~~Dancers are cool~~so Appealling to me~~ (",)
More Monique to my side~~and check out the posing Hottie at the left~~ FUIyo~~And Interact INstallation 2006 below~~i Think tat's my last skool function i'll be in in my life~~


Blogger JyhMin said...

got my pic lol..
i thought i'd never get that group pic witht those Brazillians..!!
thnkz Giddy!

7:59 AM  

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