Friday, December 01, 2006


i'm back..this time for bullshittin purposes only..all i'm about to say is just for fun and meant nothing.pls dun take it seriously...ok ok ok

mom and dad's reachin home soon from south korea. i wonder wat gifts will they bring back for dear old me..~~ For I have been in the shop for three full days,10hours workin hours and managin the accounts rather nicely. okay first of all i freaking hate Dotas nowadays but everytime the gang says lets dota i'd say anyhting..bullshit..its been like so long since dota was introduced.dun u guys just get bored.~~stun stun stun my foot..hehe and i miss basketball so very much..oooohhhh damn my fuckin timetable for being so packed...Oh yea,i heard sweemeng got a gf already...eih~~...*winkin* no no i'm not annoucin to the world so dun blog dun hav tat much attention......yet...but soon BWAHAHAHAA perezhilton u goin down....*the thumbs down action thingy*

i'm still in stw at this very moment but i manage to convince somebody i'm in kl yamcha-in around...haha dungu~~!! hehe just think about it~~and and and wat else oh yea quake is around the corner...i wanna meet more ppl,have more contacts in kl, and of coz hang out with some old frens tat are goin : lc,ash,heman just to name a few.. four days of pure young ppl hang cool is tatz~~ hehe oh yea did i mentioned anything about my parents comin back tomoro~~` i get to spend time doin stuff i wanna do again..isnt it great???

monday is alex lee han chien's birthday..and he asked me to go out to kl...i go kl can go lepak again..i wana go catch a movie..maybe call wilson out or something..exam's over..i duwan to hear or see anything to do with optics untill january.. btw i pass my LAN subs,english,FBDO Practicals and now still waitin for optics and opthalmics results *fingers crossed* hehe its christmas season.. it always manage to excite me...

MORE to come next time on BRainstorm*tm...tune in next time on giddyck...the place where nothing serious ever happens~~

PS:those who think this is dumb,just kip it to urself.Nobody cares(^^).|.


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