Thursday, December 14, 2006


ok ok i've been back from quake for almost 4days now and i still cant put into words how to describe the quake...its like when u expectin lots and lots of fun and then when u're there u get so dissappointed tat u feel like leavin...lucky heman was there...if not i'd go crazy...

first of all lemme start from journey to kl itself.Me and houwen plus his dad went went to kl after ah haw chicken out at the last minute.wah his dad very cool ler wei..drove his camry around like its a 4x4 SUV.haha His dad nids to go sarawak for some meetin so we sent him to LCCT first.bu before tat we stopped at IKANO.Houwen's dad is a handyman. We wasted 2hours or so in ACE hardware shop.Its so freakin boring there. We ate in Uncle's Lim kopitiam for lunch.The stupid special laksa made me suffer from diarhorrea all day long.i think i went to toilet 4times in MV. haha

the next morning,me and ryan went to pasar seni to wait for Kenny,one of James' fren from kl wesley.Kl wesley is just a 5mins walk around the block from Petaling Street. ryan and me feel so out of place there at first. then we get get to knoe some fellas and started to chat with them.MOst of them tot we were in our 20s,and the bad thing is i dunno if tats bad or good? i look mature or i look kolot?haha i dun care la actually..ONce in Kuala Kubu Bharu i realised tat three of them tat i just met this morning is in Yakobus,which is my tribe in YQ.Sien..

And i was suprised there are so less group based activites besides the discussion and games.I thought there will be a group cheer and group bandanna or group flag or something.. And we were havin the most fun on the last day.We played footbal and everything.Everyone was getting to knoe each other..I was kinda dissappinted.Times too short.and we kept doin unnescessary time wastin just lining up for food...But the good thing i enjoyed is we get to do stuff NS fella did and Sean Mcdowell's talks are kinda cool coz we get to knoe how life is like for kids in US.

After all the YQ commotion is over,i did something i regretted terribly,I CAME baCk TO right ..when in the same week i can go to the planet shakers concert and KL wesley's musical all in the SAME WEEK~!!!! one week of pure fun and i came back one week earlier...ish duwan think about it....Well,there's always next year.............................................ARGH>>>wTF wat was i thinkin back then??~~~~argh... *bonkin head against the wall*


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