Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Life From My Eyes~

hey ya, back again. Time for my annual update for my blog. I'm been busy goin to class every day from monday to friday. Routine work.I think education system in msia shud change if they;re gonna make learning fun. I once read this old aphorism,'I hear and forget,i see and i understand,i do and i remember' Thats how educating ppl shud be. How can u just give them lectures after lectures,bulks of notes and just make them for a written test tat ultimately judges the students whether they are qualified to do watever that they;ve signed up for. And those computer labs shit are total bull,u go in a room filled with computers,u choose the computer of ur liking,(mine is the one underneath the air cond vent)click open a program tat gives u some animations and a whole shitload of words and they even have narrators to lecture u on the lecture. WOW tats great.more lecture and this time from a computer. I totally understands the whole how the crap works,for now. I believe the human mind is a miracle itself. Only thing are the way of teaching tats a tad bit old.

okay,rant about my classes are done. Now the whole make ur choices in life and face the consequences thing. It funny how funny this whole thing works. I;ve been told hey,tats not the right thing to do. And i dun get how the right thing comes around.I mean anyone can tell me wats the absolute truth? wat is morally right for one person might not be the morally right thing to do for another person now right? okay,for example,Emos, yeah those tat use eye liners and always black from head to toe. It how they express themselves so wat makes them losers? Its funny.



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