Thursday, April 02, 2009

Interview Preparation

Here are some useful tips for preparing for your interview.

First Impressions

  • · Be well prepared--know who you are meeting and the interviewers' position in the Company
  • · Do some research on the company - always check the website
  • · Be on time, if not early
  • · ‘Dress appropriately smart / professional
  • · Be polite to support staff - receptionists etc.
  • · Make eye contact immediately when greeted
  • · Smile and be friendly
  • · Give a confident handshake
  • · Thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you

The Interview

  1. · Show interest in the job and the company
  2. · Be enthusiastic
  3. · Have an easy non-work related topic of conversation ready to discuss
  4. · Be relaxed and don't slouch
  5. · Position yourself so that your body is facing the other person
  6. · Watch your body language--do not cross your arms
  7. · Make regular eye contact but not for long
  8. · Let the interviewer lead the conversation
  9. · Listen carefully to the questions asked and ask them to repeat or re-phrase the question if you are unclear
  10. · Be honest with your answers-do not bluff
  11. · Answer what you have been asked and try not to go off on tangents
  12. · Do not interrupt the interviewer
  13. · Don't pretend to know everything-this can often put the interviewer off
  14. · Ask questions throughout the interview (not just at the end) about the role, the company and the nature of the business

Some Sample Questions you may be asked at an interview:

  1. · Tell me about a time when you had to work against strict time constraints?
  2. · What procedures have you followed in order to prioritize your work in the past?
  3. · What sort of things do you find distracting when you are trying to work? And, how do you deal with them?
  4. · What activities have you undertaken as part of a team?
  5. · Tell me about a time when things were particularly hectic? How did you feel? And, what steps did you take to deal with the pressure?
  6. · Why do you want a job in our company and what will you bring to the position?
  7. · Why do you want to leave your current position?
  8. · What type of company can you see yourself fitting into?
  9. · Why should we take you on board?
  10. · Have you ever had to deal with a difficult customer and how did you handle it?
  11. · What are your key strengths and/or weaknesses?
12.· Make sure that you are able to answer these questions by providing the interviewer with specific examples.



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