Friday, September 19, 2008

Breaking pointless news.

I interupt ur daily msn and facebook moment with some disturbing news. Datuk Gideon has publicly apologised if he offended anyone by wishing them happy birthday reminded by his facebook account.He urge to ppl to be forgiving and continue to show their love for Gideon Goh who knoes he shudnt have added in the think friends think facebook comment.
In a another story,Gideon is in his second week of uni and thinks its really pointless studying stuff he doesnt even care about. who cares about newton law?whos cares wat kinda equations tat nid to be simplified? those are the questions tat Gideon is asking.
A few days back,Gideon was in AsiaCafe for Princess Ice Cream aka tan shi hui;s foosball competition.Bored out of his wits,Gideon call Princess hingus raddish leong mui wan and ali baba;s son,abu hong wee juen out.oh yeah the austrialia most popular animal also came,Joey ding hong chin.haha We meeting up during raya back in the Sacred land of Red Wine Mee Swa and newaisa-ism is running rampage among the youth and the kopitiam uncles alike. Anymore royal blood goin back on raya pls leave the date and how long u'll be staying at the chatterbox on the left. :)
A friend of minein his alte twenties was declared brain dead yesterday.He suffered major brain damage after being knock by a car and crashing his skull on the tarmac. His helmet which is suppose to protect his head flew off. So pls heed my advice,wear full helmets{not the full scrambler type tat joey wore for his scooter last time>:)] and pls buckle ur helmet correctly. it's not worth risking ur life. after all,life is all about having sweet and occasionally sad memories with ur frens and family innit?
I havta work for Iris Eyecare during raya..sobs...



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