Sunday, October 12, 2008

Raya;s over!!

Back to life,back to reality!i'll try to make this an insightful post and not an emo one. So how yall doin? First things first,take care and beware of dengue fever.Last time i heard raymond;s in ipoh general for dengue. all right,lets talk about a few stuff i wanted to blog about long time ago.starting with ten bucks.
Who are we without friends?They say family+friends=happiness,there's some truth to that actually.Well,last raya holiday,i thought its gon be a meet-ol-frens time,just like the good old days. There i was,minding my own business one day when i got this sms about a bbq gathering at one of my old aquaintance;s house. (y i used aquaintance instead of old fren,i;ll get to tat later). So i tot,'oh well,ntg like saying hello right. oh boy oh boy,how wrong i was. Anyways me and my kangaroo buddy,went there and saw many familiar faces. But something;s wrong,the host and his gf werent outside,so i thought he;s full and i decided to say hi when he get out. Later into the evening,i felt something;s fishy,coz i saw a few of them whispering in a corner,the host was not saying hi to us. I marched up and ask a couple of questions to a few key VIPs then. Turns out the reason behind the sour ass face is coz we;re werent invited by him and the host told his pawns we havta pay. We left after paying ten bucks for two cups of coke and a few hotdogs. Why we were pissed u ask? We would never have come if werent for the smses to come.Secondly,what the big deal with asking for us to fork out some to help out. He could have told us straight,rather than having to pass the msg to several ppl before reaching us. and the cold treatment we got,no comments for peace keeping purposes.So my fellow frens,know ur aquaintances and friends.

ahh,mothers~~ dont u just love them? i loved my parents even tho sometimes they drive me up the wall and vice versa. The other day my mom came to house in kl to stay coz her old friend came back from new zealand and they;re having a girls night out. Of course driving my mom around and seeing her enjoying her day with her girlfriends sure made my day,seeing she being young again and shopping like all girls do best. But even when she;s having fun,she still packed so much stuff for me and tidy up my room when i was in the shower. Its tiny gestures like these make me miss them the whole lot.Imagine u giving so many thoughts for another being.Hard i know.when we;re young its all about us.But parents they give their all for their children.Wat noble love*i;m laughin at myself at this point haha).Bottomline,when parent;s preach,listen or pretend to listen,giddyck in support of mommys and daddys coz they've got much more experience than us. like my fren once said,in mandarin,they fart more than we pant(ta men fan pi duo guo we men chuan chi) LOL
This is a topic most of us dont think we havta worry at this age. but hell,i;m gonna shoot wat i think i gotta change anyways. i gotta start having regular sleeping times.its starting to show. can u believe i;m been assumed to be 23-27 years of age quite regularly these few days. So basically i;m a 20 year old guy but ppl around me expects a 20plus mature charismatic guy.mature as in a old man mature. damn it. so frens,excercise regularly,battle of the bulge for the guys and hips horror for the ladies. Sleep more coz it shows on ur face. A successful dude looks lifely,not deadly with zombie hollow eyes. floss ur teeth for tat million dollar smile.

With this i bid u good bye. till next time. tata for now.



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