Sunday, March 15, 2009

overdue hello to 2009

hello was just like yesterday,i was in my primary one first day class when teacher,Puan Dang asked me to start everyday 's work by writing the date at the top corner of the page. Little did i know,it was kinda like signing up for 10-16years of studying. Well,that was 14 years ago. In this short amount of time,i've experience pain,joy,friendship and lots more ups and downs that made me who am i today. I've grown up but i'm still learning how to be a man. A man of my words,trustworthy,a leader and most importantly a happy man.
okay,wats new with 2009 then? My sister's married and now expecting her first child. goh jill leen is gonna be a momma.Of course good ol gideon will always wish she'll be a big momma. And then i'll have two mothers at home for a couple of months. One mommy dearest,one mama jill and will we be having kaima ester for christmas this year? *fingers crossed*. And ming shu is now my god brother. My family's expanding.
Well last weekend i went to singapore with my other 'family' and we had a blast,eventhough budget trip means 600rm gone. Freaking currency rate.But we had a blast tho. We stayed in this old 60s looking building with other backpackers sharing toilet and all,but it was good experience. One night me,joey and meichan went walking around town just to see how singapore is like at night,we got lost and ended up walking till 3.30 almost 4 around. Haha our navigating skills are legen..wait for it...dary....yeah u got tat right...but it was another good experience. MC's complaining was bearable tat night.:) But singapore was predictable,three days there and i kiasu-ed for days already. I get to go the most expensive golf club,sit in one of the most expensive cars in the world and darling vw golf gti. Big boys toys.If i stayed there for a year i think i'll go crazy cause no matter how hard u work unless ur paycheck is 6 or 7 digits, it'll never be enough. Money no true! -.-"
Okay what else is new for 2009 so far, i'm in my sem2 and i seriously dunno if there will be a sem3 for me. Hmm wat else? MC gonna have her third nipple removed soon,hope its not too painful. Batu wants me to mention her,so this is it. Batu's favourite date of the year is 14/3/2009. Car,sakae, and MU. But i doubt liverpool can go all the way.
That's it from me for now. Hoo Hoo Hoo,TTFM,tata for now!



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