Monday, February 19, 2007


i've been winnin for two nites in a row now..hehe 1buck can earn me 20+ aiya cukup makan la....if u're thinkin i'm gonna talk about how i;m ownin in cards..hehe u're wrong..

i think couple fights rocks~~pumps up my adrenalin even without involvin...but to the extent i have to grab the guy from killin the girl...haha tats Wicked Sick~~But i wonder how come the girl would go this far and all this trouble...when a relationship is over,just move on...based on the circumstances as far as he's concerned u're just another girl....

Wah,miracle happend today...i came back at knew.but she woke me up sittin on my bed rather nicely and said,''u came so late,u havta wake up already~~''AND THE MIRACLE IS she said tat to me in the most sweetest ones u'd expect u;d get if u get all distinctions for ur skool..hehe momma moommma mommy mommmy...hi heheheheee *family guy*

Have u ever tried to lost weight and when u finally did it,it took u some time and some serious effort then u gained weight again in a week;s time??tats wat happened to right..few weeks of light meals and exercisin...lost 4kgs after so much trouble...gained 4.9kgs after the new year....ish..if only the losin weight ratio witth the gainin weight ratio is balanced...
aih but my good fren pharmacist ting mei chan knoes all about this problem...the history dates back to ancient time...

Its the third day of the Cny..soon it'll be all over and wats left of it will be the memories in my jack,pay double,,angpow,black jack....notice something?fuckinn hell,my cny was spent gamblin most of the time..And i came back from the YouthQuake all feel anew and afresh and watever...aiyo...i;m still weak..hehe

The other day i was in charles house playin soul calibur 3,wtf i was owned by the kids....7 matches straight...without one kill~~ T_T I told them nerds are generally better at this kinda stuff than we cool kids...haha they din buy it..mocked me for days...i hate the three dimensional loser figer action...its so not me~~ haha For those who digs soul calibur,siegfried is my main hero..hehe i'm just playin with kids..if i played with the big boys and girls,Siegfried shall own~~hehe

Yesterday,i went to daowen's house. His cousin,ping lian,an autistic artist drew a picture of me and it looked er...artistic..Someday,tat potrait of me will worth millions.Laugh all u can now,back in those days ppl laugh at noah too but ask any sunday school goin kids now..heroes to come,God;s worker at its very best.FOr those who dunno who ping lian is,check out A true art prodigy,destined to do great stuff. Must be proud for his mother,who invested so much time and effort into nurturin this special kid.He earned 100k for one sick was tat~~And i'm few years older than him and i;m still usin my mom;s money...i feel so~~aih~~~But the weird thing is,the government din not make any noise about this malaysian meetin with the sultans,no sponsorship to expand his talent or anything,even with all this newpaper media hype. But different case for the malay kid who can do additional maths,meet up with the datuks and our minister of education,get to sit in his place in his office,get scholarships to places.....hmm Malaysia boleh~~Majukan Malaysia~~

MAn standin at the fire exit.
Guard:Sir,can u move out of the way?U're blockin the fire exit.
Man look coolly at him,puffs his cigarette and said:As though if there's a fire,i am not runnin.

haha stupid guard..


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