Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back by popular demand~~

yosh~i'm back. by popular demands. or rather just some ppl scolding. hehe...wasssup....
New layout...hope u guys like it.Mc didnt. screw mc.
So,how r u guys?i went to skool just now to get my spm cert.fuyoh..nostalgia giler...but i saw a lala girl chatting to a squatting lala guy at the bus bay gate. Romantic sial.Kids...piff...haha..some trials goin on. dunno if it spm or stpm. sudnt be bothered...office workers changed,all new malay rookies. i go in they continue chattin among themselves. Tats the spirit. until i call them only they layan me. Sorry for not being Mawi-ish or watever.Saw a guzillion spm certs with all the familiar names still there.Joey,farahana and a couple of names i cant remember even tho its just 20mins ago.
Anyways,i'm moving from Cheras to Sri Damansara this fri.Hopefully a more meaningful life from there onwards.But still cant beat the happening subang. Aih..lantaklah..Lets hope when i finally get my degree d then i can travel and work in diferent countries and hopefully can settle down elsewhere a rich man. hohoho. One got the rights to dream eih? But then it;ll be far from sri petaling. daym~~how to see cheng haw and chui king. alar... :)
So just a short one today.maybe will get pictures and post up my new place when i settle down there. And seeing ee so semangat in his badminton i think i'll take up a sport seriously.Hmm do i beat nadal or go smack tiger woods in the balls? i wonder....geez always spoilt for choice. i knoe i'll kick daowen;s ass in ping pong first, then giri;s on the pool table, become pro fooser to torment eileen and not lose so badly to ash and batu, and finally badminton to get tan sri and datukship before datuk low ee chng does...MUAHAHAHAHA



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