Thursday, June 05, 2008

Have You Heard?

First of all,thanks meichan for giving me a heads up to pump fuel, i did line up for gas but a mere 30mins wait. My housemates waited two full hours. Gosh.
So,fuel price hike up to 2.70rm per litre. i heard Tenaga gon increase their price by next month too. So boys and girls, except our millionaire boys and and girl, hang on tight.coz i think we;re heading into recession already.With the energy price goin up, soon food and public transport will go up.Semua naik,gaji tak naik.Sucky innit? Cant depends on our dumb pay slips coz 40% will go to gas,food and expenses. Imagine when u got houses,cars and wives to feed. Wats a 6-7k permonth pay by then? then imagine those earning 2-3k permonth? Times changing.So buddies sekalian ,pandai pandai lah. Oh yeah can anyone tell me when;s the date for the bak chang festival and daddy's day? tengkiu in advance. OH yeah .fuck christiano ronaldo. Pls accept the 100million+robinho deal. Snub sergio ramos from Madrid while ur at it too. He got kinda cocky already dun u agree?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

ba chang festival is tomoro, 8th june. daddy's day is next sunday, 15th june. it's not like u're so damn busy scoring chicks until u don't even know when's daddy's day. haha

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:06 PM  

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