Sunday, March 02, 2008

Slumber Trouble~~

The offer for wack-a-dog promo ended. Coz my cousin brother took care of stupid dog(tm) once and for all. I dun knoe wat he did. But its gone. Amen.
All right. I went out last night to join my cousins and ever-lovely cathering and syed and jym for some beer at bistro and then went to join jamie at full pann . Sitiawan is a lovely place but sorry to say have no night life. Every decent pub will either do drugs or chinese lil dragons or worst,infested by siukeongs and kachak muis of all ages. To the point it sickens me.
Anyways,its sunday today. And i slept till 2. Hey i tried to wake up early, even set two different alarms. Still to no avail. I cant get to sleep like tat *snap finger* and i cant wake up early. To the point i feel so useless and depressed. And Mom didnt hold back when she got back from the shop just now. She really gave it to me. Then it hit me. I wanted to be free. Free as in the ability to give and take as i pls. I didnt wanna work till 55 and then retire with my pension. I just got screwed real badly and i thinkin of these nonsense. I may just be the legendary daydreamer after all. Back to the point. I really get my sleepin time and my schedule back in line. I was thinkin maybe go shoot hoops for three hours will get me so tired tat hopefully i'll doze off at 11 tonight. As i prepare my attire and my size 11 sneakers for some king james action, IT STARTED RAINING. Not those little droplets of rain. HUGE RAINDROPS for ten seconds or so. Then as sudden as it came,the rain stopped. Its like God;s messing with me or some sort.,''HAHA,GIDEON!In ur face.!'' -.- Fine.U win. But there;s always the indoor court at astaka. :P



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