Monday, February 25, 2008


Man's best friend.Boy can they run. Alright,here's how the story goes. My aunt,who lives next door kinda got herself a pet. This stupid mongrel came to my aunt;s house and stuck around. Being naturally kind my aunt started feedin the dumb dog. My family were quite cool with it since the bitch is quite quiet. (i mean the dog) One day,my socks started to go missing. found them on the grass. Quite ragged up. So being the good ol me,i forgive tat fuckin dog, understanding tats probably how their brain works. The trouble starts when It started gnawing on my shoes. My brother went balistic one morning just before skool, because he found his skool shoes torn apart by It. Mom said nevermind. its an old pair anyways. Obediently,my bro soon forgot bout the shoes. Then someday, It did something beyond forgiveness. 'Never bite the hands tat feeds' they say,i'd say never bite the feeder;s nephew;s And1's. Never. Ever.
Tat nite i came home,found my shoe ripped. Not of natural causes. Bite marks. I grabbed my stick, which i named ' Watsup dawg?', and gave the poor old dog who was minding his own business sleepin soundly the best golf swing of my life. It woke up with a start, looked at me and split the joint. Damn~! It was fast. Probably the fastest i ever seen the dog run. Then i tried something i saw from 300. I posted myself with penuh gaya and threw Watsup dawg like a javelin at tat fuckin dog. (the gate connectin my house and my aunt;s house was locked:) )
Then It ran towards me,i tot it'll attack so i braced myself to kick and swing my gardenin hoe at tat mongrel. (After i threw Watsup dawg i actually got abit tiny scared and grab the hoe lying on the ground) Luckily,for the dog tat is, It ran to my gate, jumped over the side railin to my neighbours house and ran off. All my fury was gone by then. I picked Watsup dawg up and went over the my aunt;s place. Exactly like i thought, dogs will remains man;s best fren coz they;re really really dumb. i found the dog entering the front gate like ntg ever happend. But funny enough, the dog made a U turn and ran hiding when it saw me. Haha.Occasionally i visit my aunt;s place. Just to made tat little fucker run around. Anybody nid to vent their anger on some dog? Call me. Arrangements will be made. (i got the green light from my aunt already just now :) ) No,i'm not mean. I"m a caring and loving fella. its just some dogs dun deserve some loving. Ask giri if i'm mean to princess. This is gideon. signin off.

PS: check out facebook and if u want to see pictures and stories about the gang;s tales and adventure.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

remember i asked u if u'll have dogs in ur house and u said "yeah sure". i give u green light to give my fugly dog some lovin' too >:( oh how much i hate that bitch.

11:42 PM  

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