Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gong hei fatt choy~~

Hey guys!!! how;s everybody doin? to those reading pls update me via the chatterbox or comments department. Its tat time of the the year again. Gamble,drink, say hello nicely to old folks just to get angpow. Its a mean world. Imagine if adults dun give angpow on new year, hah! to hell with them. We'll just play cards till its dawn and sleep all day. hehe
Its reunion time. Led zepellin ,the police,faith no more,spice girls,backstreet gays and a few more,they all did some reunion gig just for old times. damn haha time sure blew by us quick. Back then when my sis adored spice girls ,they were they;re all aunties. but with the help of make ups,plastic surgeons and computer graphics they all look as if they never aged. piff fakes! So,my buddies out there..somewhere.. make us u try and make it back this year. To those few oversea boys and girls,Hapy chinese new year. Angpows and familiar faces are ntg compared to ur lives out of Msia. SO no worries , u guys wont miss a thing..HAHA!
My last post was in xmas. So haha i've been busy. went to singapore. Check my facebook for pictures. Went to kl for a few days of fun even, check facebook too. then grandma;s birthday,new year christmas nite, all check facebook for pictures.
Annoucin the arivals of Mei chan on the 4th? and ee on the 27th? ..shit i forgot.. takpe lah stw so small. NO worries. hmm so much for pictures galore(tm) . its all in facebook. IF u want detailed descriptive blog post about our trip to sg, check out auntie ester;s blog . its in the archive somewhere. THe link is at the bottom right of my blog.
So wishing ur guys a productive new year and a properous one too. :)



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