Friday, June 22, 2007


last nite i had real kickass weird dream..serious shit..
this is how it goes..

i somehow warped back into into secondary was with me.first we were in the acs was crazy,ppl throwing stuff all around,there were some of the burnin rubbish bins u see on those homeless ppl;s street in new york or something,as tho all hell broke lose.We went passed tat and went to the toilet area.
There are a huge bunch of indians in the toilet goin in and out the toilet.they were all very angry folks.Cursing and screaming in tamil.i even remember seeing darmindra goin in with a basket of tennis ball,like the one the tennis coach mr lee always brings.Then i heard gun shot and many indian came rushin out.Its like seriously scary moment.Then i heard loud footsteps and and when me and ee turned around,we saw mr k coming at us with a butcher knife in his hand like its vietnam or something.

We ran into the chemistry lab.There..i saw the worse mayhem of my life. CHeng haw was inside smashing chairs and stuff on the lab tables.Ging was there messing with the chemicals,daowen was there screaming as his hand burns on the bunsen thing,chye huat was pretendin to teach on the teachers table.then i saw raymond scolding somebody at the door on the other side.Then something really funny happend,yong soon came out of nowhere and ran over to cheng haw and punched him. then they started punching each other with cheng kiat and kok xiu loon helping while yong soon aim for cheng haw only.Its kinda familiar la this scene. Of coz i being a good friend never help them coz its better to let they let it out.

I then ran out towards raymond and all of the sudden i was in primary skool perhimpunan.When the negaraku started everybody stood in their place and stop moving.i saw dao in front sittin on a chair so i whispered to the person beside me which is wern loong who appeared out of nowhere.HE shouted at me to keep quiet then continued singin his stupid national anthem.damn furious.then ee shouted from some distance,''Ling daowen,where are u??" dao replied with his trademark stupid battlecry woohooo~~!! so loud..then pak din was up there screamin using the mic.i forgot wat tat fella shouted liao...

Gerard then appear and said lets go to the canteen....before i reach...something seriously bad happend to serious it changed everything.......

I WOKE UP~!!Of all the times i had to wake up now..i woke up feelin all awake and my heart is i just escaped from the police or something..damn~~wat a weird dream... i just kinda miss skool i guess........



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