Wednesday, May 09, 2007


yeah guys..its been two weeks i stayed home after work..din even go out and yamcha.....coz there;s no one to yamcha with...sien ah
but i''ve achieved someting tat u guys would nver believe:
1)i managed to adjust me sleeping time back to in sleep at 2 and wake at 8 kinda normal.hah eat tat suckers
2)i had food poisonin and tat enables me to 'piss while i sit" haha T_T

The clocks ticking and mama;s day approaching..wat to do wat to do *runnin around in circles* Any ideas maties??

Classics are a great genre of music duncha think? It makes the older folk thinks tat u got class when u're actually tryin to get to sleep..heehee

First thing i will do when i go back to kl is pergi clubbing. Yea~~!!

I wanted to talk about something just now and i kinda forgot zzzz hmm till then stay cute la u immature creeps~~!!



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