Thursday, April 26, 2007


i'm headin back to stw for my long break which i've been waitin for all year coz life here isnt fun..then my mom told me something to ruin it all,''be prepared for hard physical labour...'' She even said it in her business-like manner...which really scares me coz tat means she's dead serious...And now,i dun feel like goin back anymore.....ash and eileen followin me tomoro..
My water supply got contaminated a few days ago...wat the hell i felt like puking all day long,not to mention the trips to the toilet~~A piece of advice to all my homies livin out there,always have a carlton of 100plus by ur side at all times....its kinda like a medicinal stuff u knoe..when u have fever or anything just down as much of it as u sure is more satisfyin than water and it does the trick...
THe other day i was up watchin Man U vs Ac milan,they came from bahind and won the game 3-2 haha thanks to rooney and ferguson's smart formation set up. SO i was pumped up all ready to see Liverpool win against Chelsea last nite. Guess wat,Chelsea won and the whole mamak gang cheered for Chelsea.Even my table..i was the only liverpool being a smart fella i followed and cheered.... masuk kandang lembu er..menguak or something la...
wat else..~~??ahmm ahh yes.Linkin park got new album out ,''Miinutes to Midnight"check it out....



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