Wednesday, March 21, 2007

bad luck charm~~!!

i'll go thru this fast..i woke up at five this morning..gonna read anatomy as i'm havin test at 11..i memorized all the complicated stuff and letft out some divisions as i dun think theyll come out...mana tahu..they came out a 30marks essay question...

Then to celebrate to ending of our test month,we boys decided to go play futsal..i accidently clipped my last toe into the net ...while runnin full last pinky toe...wahhh...tats not it...after i reach my house in cheras i realised i left my bag with all my frens wallet and cellphones in the the futsal place in kuchai lama...we were racing all the way there..all scared out of our wits..,'' my atm,my ic,my driving license,no atm no money...'' all these stupid stuff runnin thru out heads..but thank GOd i found it...i almost got gang banged for tat....

after tat i head back to have a nice long shower,cc the water supply and electric went missin when i needed them the most...i got shampoo on my head... and i head out to grab a big bowl to use as my mini pail as i washed up using the tap..after tat..i went to dinner with the gang...damn it they went to 1station..tat fuckin place i hate so much....and then here i am bloggin away as they are playin their dota...a utter waste of time...i woke so early..i shud be feelin i have accomplished something today ..instead my aching foot,aching body,and i still have class tomoro...all the way till 8 pm...and dao dun u dare complain about ur life asshole~~!!everybodyjust stop and count their blessings.....



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