Sunday, April 01, 2007

have u ever~~

Have u ever asked for an opinion from so called fren and in the end they stole ur ideas and when u went after them they said,'small matter only oso bising until like tat''.sucks right??

have u ever wondered wat can u do to get rich real quick without becoming one of them victims in some easy money scam??interestin right??

have u ever wondered wats ur navel for,besides supply u with nutrients and stuff when u're in the womb??curious right??

have u ever found out if ppl around u are close to u and givin u opinions about ur life when the truth is tat they wanna get u out of focus with ur life so tat they can continue being properous and never ge overtaken by me??sick right??

have u ever asked urself y growin up sucks so bad?where u havta work and find cash to support urself and cant go cryin to ur mom anymore??hehe funny right??


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