Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stewie griffin~~!!and a bunch of pictures

Stewie griffin from Family guy
super 3 2005...from left,afiq,amin,me,mario chok,loong,mei king,chiang ming jie,joyce,eve

somewhere in genting back in 2006...

KL motor show...i got loads of cool pics at the show but aih malas..

haha how he manage to hold on to tat selamba face i really dunno..Superman ee~~

haha we being silly

haha look at cheng haw hangin on to tat moment..

so poster-like picture...LOST~

opps sideway pic...if u pay attention..there;s a fly on ah haw's face..hehe redefine tahi lalat.. and man eater ee chng..

cool pose ee chng...

being silly again

me lookin at retard..guess who??haha

chillin at the beach~

stupid batik pants haha and three stupid idiots...amazing~~



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