Friday, March 14, 2008

Barely 24!!

A Wentworth Miller lookalike awoke with a start.Apparently something is wrong coz all the lights and his windows media player is still running but he remembered he was only resting.He checked his cellphone,found out the time and knew this is bad. Real bad. Coz my name is agent Jack Bauer..oops Gideon. And this is gonna be the longest day of my life.

*this part u imagine the show '24's clock tickin sound.

Still lying in bed,gideon tried his very best to sleep.THen he heard footsteps and water running in the outside toilet. The ladies have woke up to start the day.All tensed and alert,with his guitar resting on his tummy,stressed Gideon knew he has to try to save his reputation and creditability,by staying awake all day long.As he rise up to head to the toilet,he knew. This is where his day will begin.

After helping out with the vegetables and crying over cutting onions,gideon did something very important,he changes into his SWAT equitments which is equivalent to basketball attire and hurried off to the airfield(astaka). In order to attain braggin rights and the right to screw cheng haw for his unnecessary tauntings via phone and msn,he havta reach there in 15minutes time via the back alley. Gideon;s trusty 125cylinder capacity Japanese-make scooter zoomed thru the turns and corners in a jiffy only to be slowed down by the busy market district in looking good area.The condition doesnt seems good for Gideon. But perseverence is the key,Gideon raced against time.Will he make it?

Gideon was huffing and puffing by the time he reached the airfield. BUt to his suprise,there;s not a single agent present at the rendezvous point. He knew by then, hehe he completed his first mission of the day.:)

Reporting to the HQ(shop), Big Daddy O told me to get to work instantly, tat is glazing lenses for my BOMBS..hehe takde la.. then i went alone to switch 'powdery goods' at a contruction site. Stupid workers caused me a lot of headaches and stress. Bottomline,my day got worse workin together with these stupid ppl with peas for brains.

after tat the whole day went pretty -the end-

PS>i'll be taking up a job at ayer tawar which offer me the best training environment for my future full time job. My first step to achieving my 2008 resolution.YeAH!!



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